"Lovely, strange, circling offering"- WeekendSpecial

"Delicate, tender and affectionate performances..." - The Critter

SOIL is a performance about feeling displaced. About taking and giving space SOIL is also about a part of us that is longing for play

SOIL can invite you to tell about a memory from your childhood

SOIL raises matters about belonging and alienation

SOIL is approaching a relevant question of our time: How do we live with each other? With play and seriousness, SOIL shakes and changes your view of the world.

The piece investigates the devastating impact of colonisation on land, and explores the relationship between Africa and Europe. Land ownership is not only economic, but also spiritual – how does it feel to walk on foreign soil, and what is the difference between those who walk on land they own and the experience of those who are landless?

The show is suitable for young people from 13 and up

CAST Director: Mahlatsi Mokgonyana and Ragni Halle Company: Theatreduo, Ragni Halle, Livia Hiselius Devised by: The Company Sound Design: John Withers, Ragni Halle Performed by Billy Langa and Livia Hiselius

Supported by Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) development grant Kulturrådet Arts Council Norway in partnership with Norwegian Theatre Academy Scenstudiongerlesborg, The Centre for the Less Good Idea, The Market Theatre Laboratory

SOIL has played Scenkonststudion in Gerlesborg, 2019 National Art Festival, Makhanda, premier, 2019 Centre For the less good idea, 2019 The Market Theatre Laboratory, 2019

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