På Gaten
2019 Fredrikstad Premier 22 February at Norwegian Theatre Academy

A collaboration between Livia Hiselius, Tova Ekenberg, Naja Schönneman and Sofia Findahl

The street is not a place to be occupied, it is a highly charged zone and a space of multiple forces to move with. The already given circumstances, the architecture, the choreography of bodys, the music of birds and derricks can be the given space we work with.

“På Gaten” is a series of gestures, which are exploring different performative acts in the street and disrupting rhythms in the public space. We challenge the way we meet people and co-exist. The invisible structures of our shared space(s).

A recurring theme we use is clown, both as the classic profession and in fractured elements such as failure and characteristics of the trixters’ behaviour.

Photo: Felipe Osorio

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