Etienne Guilloteau (France)– Mover, performer.
HZT Ufor Studio Berlin, premier September 29th 2018

A collaboration with Karen Kiphoff and the artistic research project ‘Blind Spot’ at the Norwegian Theatre Academy. Blind spot investigate a physical work and a choreographic research with the body as a medium for text, poetry, unconscious, memory, and other people movements as concrete actions that audience can empathize with and at the same time keep a part of the mystery to be revealed. Somehow, a blind spot of the movement´s origin will always remain.

Dancers: Livia Hiselius, Jakob Schnack Krog, Emmi Väisänen, Nefeli Asteriou, Cecilio, Simon David, Minjeong Park, Nina Tind Jensen, Nemanja Čađo, Rosa Marie.

Photo: Inga Aleknaviciut alla2 (kopia).jpg alla (kopia).jpg