De sista vittnena
Rymdstationen Scenkonst, Premier May 14th 2016.

Rymdstationen Scenkonst’s first full ensemble performance. Based on Svetlana Aleksijevitsj’s book by the same name, adapted for stage by director - Ulrika Z Almgård and choreographer: Soledad Howe. The play went on tour from Maj 12th to August 12th, visiting Copenhagen Stage and Paradiso theatre festival in Stockholm.

Performers: Livia Hiselius, Oda Sander, Frida Boson, Siri Bertling Wiik, Karin Andersson, Victoria Hunter, Mathilde Oftedal, Anton Claesson, Linnea Hermansson, Jesper Berger, Anna Ackzell and Jakob Eemil Granqvist